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The   GDC  story

Genesis Design Co. began out of season of transition involving moving, buying our first house, birth of our first child, and new job. During that time, I would find myself recusing to the garage to mess around with wood and pipe. It was during that time that the materials I was working with began to inspire me. The wood that I worked with was often reclaimed items that others found no longer useful.

Out of that, creations were made to serve a purpose. One piece that once was used to produce beautiful music could now be the foundation of providing a light in a living space. It was during this time that I realized that though circumstances change in our lives, we still can have purpose and hope in this world.

Though Genesis Design Co. has expanded into various styles of lamps and decor, the mission remains the same. To inspire others through authentic modern industrial decor. We don't just see a lamp with a wood base or a table made with wood. We see a something that people said was useless, been reclaimed, and being used for a purpose. In this world, that's inspiration we all need.




Summitville, IN